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Taft & Chris specialize in optimizing the tactical execution of sales development at the individual contributor level, creating management systems, & scaling efficient operations.


Chris Bryson

Chris Bryson is a sales development leader that specializes in tactical execution, developing talent, and helping startups accelerate pipeline growth. He has held roles in both sales and sales operations in addition to his focus on sales development. 

Taft Love

Taft Love

Taft is an experienced sales development and sales operations professional who has worked with dozens of startups in and around San Francisco in recent years. He now leads teams of SDRs and Sales Operations analysts for SmartRecruiters in San Francisco.

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Our History

SDR Path is a place for sales leaders to learn and share best practices in the areas of Sales Development, Management, and Operations.

Over the past six years, Chris Bryson and Taft Love have built high performing sales development programs for several sales organizations including Keen Systems, Leadgenius, and PandaDoc. Most recently, they are scaling sales development and revenue operations for SmartRecruiters, a Talent Acquisition Suite that helps you hire the best talent.

They created SDR Path as a resource for Tactical, Managerial, and Operational best practices for sales teams.


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