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Quick Tip: Your Prospect Doesn’t Care

I want you to brace yourself. This fundamental truth about outbound sales development may come as a shock:


Prospects don’t care about you or your company.


You already knew that, right? But chances are you also fill call scripts and emails with “I” and “we”. Knowing that prospects don’t care, but still telling them all about yourself and your company is called cognitive dissonance.


This cognitive dissonance is so common because it’s easy to talk about yourself. It’s certainly easier to rattle off an elevator pitch than to think of ways to provide real value to the recipient.


Next time you write a prospecting email or build a call script, try to follow these two rules:


  1. Avoid talking about you, your company, or your product
  2. Consider what the recipient cares about (related to your product/service)


Of course you can’t know what this particular person cares about. You have to make some educated assumptions based on what you know about your buyer. This is where working with your marketing team to create buyer profiles is extremely important.

Fortunately, there’s one safe assumption that you can always start with: they don’t care about you or your company.

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Chris Bryson

Chris Bryson

Chris Bryson is a sales development leader that specializes in tactical execution, developing talent, and helping startups accelerate pipeline growth. He has held roles in both sales and sales operations in addition to his focus on sales development.

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