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Quick Tip: Improve Inbound SDR Conversion Rates With This Simple Tip

Most outbound SDR teams train extensively on how to handle gatekeepers. They learn how strategies for handling gatekeepers. Similarly, inbound SDRs deal with gatekeepers every day, but few teams train those reps to speak with gatekeepers.


The most common question you get from a gatekeeper is, “May I ask why you’re calling?”


It’s tempting to launch into a pitch—to tell the gatekeeper about your amazing product. This overlooks the fact that the gatekeeper likely doesn’t care about you, your product, or that you want to speak to their boss.


It’s also common to hear SDRs explain exactly why they’re calling: “I work for ABC company and I’m following up on a demo request form that she submitted yesterday.” While this is better than pitching, it’s still not ideal.


While we generally avoid one-size-fits-all advice, this is a noteworthy exception. Next time a gatekeeper asks why you’re calling an inbound lead, try this:


“Actually, I’m not sure. She contacted us and I’m getting back in touch.”


This usually works because:

  1. It’s true
  2. You’re not withholding anything they need to know
  3. This answer doesn’t scream, “I’M A SALESPERSON!”


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Taft Love

Taft Love

Taft Love is an experienced sales development and sales operations professional who has worked with dozens of startups in and around San Francisco in recent years. He now leads teams of SDRs and Sales Operations analysts for SmartRecruiters in San Francisco.

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