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Quick Tip: Run a Daily SDR Stand Up

sdr stand up

The SDR Stand Up

Hosting a daily SDR stand up for your team is a great way to center the team, get a pulse on what’s going on today, and keep team energy high.


The ideal format is to run it at most 10 to 15 minutes long. We like to schedule it around 11:30 AM, just before lunchtime. This allows our team to hit the phones hard first thing in the morning and bring new developments to the meeting.


The format for the meeting should be simple and flow exactly the same each day. It should become so routine that it could be run even without a manager there. We like having a round-robin format where each SDR shares their wins, struggles, and goals for the day. Any follow-ups that need to be taken related to a topic an SDR brings up are handled outside of the stand-up meeting. Speaking to wins is very motivating going into the second half of the day, discussing struggles helps managers identify issues the entire team may be facing, and reviewing daily goals helps make sure the team sets them in the first place.


Lastly, managers should share what they’re working on with the team as well. This keeps SDRs in the loop and lets them know that their leaders are closing the loop on any issues they might have raised in previous stand-ups.


Do you do a daily team stand up or do you hold a different format? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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