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Quick Tip: Chris Bryson’s Favorite SDR Interview Question

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My Favorite SDR Interview Question

How do you know you want to be an SDR?

The point of this question is to verify that the candidate is self-aware of what they want to do with their career. Are they dedicated to the idea of being an SDR, or are they already looking ahead to a different type of position? If they can’t answer the question or are simply looking for any type of sales job, then they likely won’t be able to stomach the realities of the SDR gig. It’s really hard!

This question leads to a discussion about whether or not the candidate understands exactly how difficult it is to be an SDR. It’s also important to find out if they realize that the payoff for succeeding in an SDR job includes such career benefits as accelerated commissions and the opportunity to enter a high paying closing role later in their career.

The SDR Team of the Future

The SDR position is also rapidly evolving. With the onset of SDR research teams, improved processes such as the Assembly Line, and the general elevation of the SDR craft, it’s important for them to understand that this isn’t just any other entry-level job. It might even be one they want to stay in for a long time (or even be a career SDR – which isn’t a bad thing, just go ask Tito Bohrt).

You need to confirm that their expectations align with yours. This misalignment usually occurs with more experienced SDR candidates who want to get on the fast-track to a closing role instead of putting in the time. While I love promoting talented reps, you can’t hire someone with the expectation that they are going to move up after a short stint on the job. Otherwise, the company won’t get sufficient value out of the SDR relative to the training they provided.


It’s tough balancing retaining SDRs and keeping them on the team for a full productivity cycle, but if you hire the right profile upfront it’s a lot easier to do.

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