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The SDR Email Templates That Actually Work

SDR Email Templates

The SDR Email Templates That Actually Work

Everybody in sales development wants a magic bullet email template that will consistently book effective meetings with decision makers. There are a few legendary examples from the not-so-distant past that have helped SDRs to crush their numbers.

The Aaron Ross “a favor to ask” email template yielded high response rates and allowed SDRs to do “warm calls” because it generated referrals. Unfortunately, it’s been done to death and every buyer can recognize these emails instantly, and they know it’s 100% automated. That template should be considered a dead sales development tool.

There have been some riffs on the Parker Conrad (former CEO of Zenefits) “from the CEO” email template over the past few years. The first is the most obvious; the email is sent from an email address pretending to be the CEO and is 100% automated. The other is a little more creative and has the email saying it was sent by an SDR on behalf of their CEO who wanted to reach out to the prospect. If they don’t respond, a subsequent automated email is sent that purports to come from the actual CEO. This tactic worked for a while, but then everyone started doing it.

The “fully personalized at scale” email template was the product of new email automation tools that made this one easy. It’s probably the most sincere way to reach out to prospects without spending time crafting each email, which will eventually make you crazy. In this template, you use a few merge fields, a few lines of pre-written copy, and then personalize the rest (usually the introductory and closing lines).

These can be great, but the sad thing is that the proliferation of email automation software and lack of training on how to use it properly makes most of these TERRIBLE. People who are new to sales shouldn’t be deciding the format and content of the majority of your sales email copy. Secondly, the saturation of email automation software means everyone is doing this and the emails just get lost in the shuffle.

Steps to Improve Your Email Templates

What should you do? We have a solution and we call it Value-Added Prospecting. In this process, you create something of value for the prospect FOR FREE and deliver it without a specific ask. A good example of this process is the way in which the SmartRecruiters SDR team inspires a prospect to talk about their ATS (applicant tracking system).

The SDR is able to generate an applicant experience scorecard that grades the prospect’s current application process. The applicant’s experience is determined by the underlying system that the company uses for recruiting, which makes it a great way to talk about the system without being a pushy salesperson. The prospect receives the first page of the scorecard which includes their score, an explanation of how it was calculated, and a high-level overview of how the information was collected. This leaves the prospect interested but doesn’t satisfy their curiosity.

The ask comes when the SDR inquires if they’d like to see the detailed breakout of their score, how it was determined, what it means to their company, and how they fared against their competitors. The prospect just needs to reply to the email to schedule a meeting.

You’re probably wondering how you can make this scale without your SDRs doing content marketing all day. That’s where SDR researchers, contractors, and management come in. We’ll talk about how to build this part of an assembly line in another post, so stay tuned!

Let SDR Path know if you have a great SDR email template that works!

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