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Quick Tip: Make Being a SDR Fun

sales development funSales Development sucks. But it doesn’t have to! A lot of teams expect their SDRs to call, email, research, and do data entry all day long with little or no recognition beyond their commission check. That might have worked ten years ago, but today companies need to do more if they want to keep people in this critical role. Plus, it’s fun!


We’ve used a few different ideas with our teams that have helped make the job more fun on a daily basis. An added effect was that they were way more motivated to overachieve! Here are a few of them that you can use for your team.


Pipeline Envelopes

This is a fun way of repackaging a couple different prizes. Let’s say the most important metric for your team is pipeline. You can pick 10 different prizes for each $100k of pipeline they earn. For example, the $100k prize might be a gift card, the $200k prize a free dinner at a nice restaurant, and the $1,000,000 prize might be a flight and all expenses paid weekend in Vegas! Get creative and scale it for what makes sense at your company.



If you’ve ever seen The Price is Right, you know what the Plinko board is all about. This is a game where you can assign plinko balls based on different KPIs achieved that month. These can be opportunities created, meetings set, pipeline generated, conversations had, and the list goes on. The winner of each KPI gets a ball to play the game. The prizes are at the bottom of the Plinko board and should include fun ones like Amazon Echos, big ones like iPads or mini-drones, and funny ones like mullet hats and hillbilly teeth. Make sure you also include Lose a Turn a few times so you keep it interesting!


Sales Industry Conferences

Host a sales contest where the prize is a trip to a sales conference. This should be a rewarding trip that is not focused on selling YOUR product. Think of this as personal development for the SDR(s) that win the contest and get to go. A great conference to do this with would be Outreach’s Unleash conference. They had an amazing one down in San Diego this year where they had experts speak from around the tech sales world. This kind of exposure is invaluable for someone picking up the ropes in the SDR role.


President’s Day

If the entire sales development team exceeds their pipeline goal by 120%, let them take a day off where the entire team goes to do something fun. Examples include a Napa wine trip, team racing at an F1 race track, or going to do an escape room. It’s easy to tack on a generous happy hour afterward, too. Don’t be scared that you’re losing a day of prospecting here – your team will reward you with even more pipeline if they know you’re willing to reward them for extra hard work.

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Chris Bryson

Chris Bryson

Chris Bryson is a sales development leader that specializes in tactical execution, developing talent, and helping startups accelerate pipeline growth. He has held roles in both sales and sales operations in addition to his focus on sales development.

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