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Quick Tip: Use a Calendar App for SDR Meeting Emails

Tim Ferris suggests including two times in an email when you ask someone for a meeting. This advice is great because it reduces the chance that you’ll end up in a back-and-forth email string just to find a time. At SDR Path, we use a calendar app that takes it a step further.


We use a tool called It is a chrome extension that integrates with your calendar (Google, Outlook, Lotus) and allows you to suggest multiple times in your email. The times are presented as links. When a recipient clicks a link, both of you get calendar invites.


Making scheduling easy for recipients, especially when you’re trying to book a meeting for your AE, is valuable. If you set meetings often, you should download it today.


What Does the Calendar App Look Like?

calendar app

Calendar App for SDRs

Best of all, it’s totally free. The tool was acquired by Cirruspath (makers of Cirrus Insights) back in 2016, so it’s well funded and will remain free until they decide to release a premium version. Go check it out today.


If you don’t decide to go with or another calendar app, make sure that you make it as frictionless as possible for a prospect to schedule a meeting with you. One way to do this is to list a few different days with up to three times for the prospect to choose from.


Additionally, make sure that you list the time zone properly. There’s nothing worse than a prospect no showing your meeting because they thought it was happening on Eastern Time when it was actually in Pacific Time. The best way to do this is to always communicate in the prospect’s time zone. This shows respect, makes it easy for the prospect and lets them know you’re thinking of them first.


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