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Quick Tip: Cold Calling Improvements with a Pattern Interrupt

Cold calling is tough. The hardest part is using the first five seconds of the call to buy 10 more seconds. This time, during which you have the prospect’s attention, is often called “runway”. One of the best ways for getting more runway is using a pattern interrupt.


If this sounds foreign to you, a pattern interrupt is exactly what the name suggests. It is a way to interrupt a pattern. In this case, it is the cold call introduction pattern. It goes something like this:


Prospect: Hello, this is Sarah.

Me: Hi Sarah, this is Taft from SmartRecruiters. I’m calling because {insert reason for calling}. Do you have a minute to speak?

Prospect: Ok, I’m actually stepping into a meeting…


Not a good result. Have you ever had this scenario happen to you? This is something that happens to sales reps every day as they go about cold calling. It doesn’t have to be this way if you use pattern interrupts and follow up with value for the prospect.


Next time, try to open the call with something they don’t expect. It doesn’t have to be particularly crazy or very creative. It just needs to set them on their heels long enough to buy more runway. The experienced callers at ConnectAndSell use the following:


Prospect: Hello, this is Sarah.

Me: Hi Sarah, this is Taft from SmartRecruiters. Do you have 27 seconds for me to tell you why I called?

Prospect: Uhhhh. Sure, I guess.


It works surprisingly well. Next time you make a cold call, give it a shot. Better yet, come up with one of your own. 


Do you think you have a particularly good pattern interrupt that you’ve been using for your cold calling? Please go ahead and share it in the comments and help other people in our community improve!

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Taft Love

Taft Love

Taft Love is an experienced sales development and sales operations professional who has worked with dozens of startups in and around San Francisco in recent years. He now leads teams of SDRs and Sales Operations analysts for SmartRecruiters in San Francisco.

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